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No parking? No problem.
No permits? No problem.
No infrastructure? No problem.

Previously deployed to: Cuba. Canada. Mexico.

Wyoming. Alaska. Hawaii. The Bahamas. Haiti. Texas.

New York City. Boston. Philadelphia. Las Vegas. 

For video or data, our satellite flyaway antennas are the most compact in the business. From broadcast news to remote corporate events, we have you covered - with 20+ years of engineering experience - and both our C Band and Ku Band units travel as AIRCRAFT BAGGAGE - no freight forwarding!

From rooftop to mountaintop, our systems provide the most reliable, highest quality transmissions when terrestrial connectivity is unavailable or bandwidth limited - or you can't park a truck.

  • HD Transmission (10 paths via MUX on request)

  • Remote High-Speed Internet Connectivity

  • All Components Meet Aircraft Baggage Requirements

  • Carnet for International Travel

  • Ku: 1.2 meter High Gain Carbon Fiber AVL Antenna

  • C: 2.0 meter High Gain Carbon Fiber Sat Lite Antenna

  • Fully Redundant TX/RX Chain

  • TAC Fiber for Video or Data Transport

  • Ericsson Encoding

  • IFB Equipment

  • 4.8KW Onan Gasoline Generator

  • Travels in ATA Rated Cases - Airline Checkable!

  • Quick Deployment - Under 3 hours to TX/RX

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